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Sermons in Stained Glass


ResurrectionLuke 24:1-12 

This window, executed by Tiffany, was the first window installed. It honors Hugh and Josephine Inman. 

In the bottom scene is a cup which represents the dregs of sorrow and of shame that Jesus Christ had to endure on the cross. All that happened between the Garden of Gethsemane and this scene is symbolized by that cup. 

In the large panel, Christ is seen rising from the dead and walking from the tomb. It is as if he had just unwrapped the napkin from his face. The napkin is shown in his left hand. He is stepping out of the tomb, and people will soon be going through Jerusalem singing "He is risen. He is risen!" A brilliant light shines around him as he steps from the tomb.

In the left panel are the Roman soldiers who were guarding the tomb who appear very frightened. One is hiding behind his shield. On the right desciples come bringing flowers. Higher in these panels are the two angels that were standing at the opening to the tomb. The whole Christian message depends on Christ's death and resurrection. Death is overcome. 

Above is the victorious cross. He has conquered death!


Notice the shadow of the bent knee in the robe. This is actually in the glass and not painted or touched in. Tiffany had a way of taking infinite pains in selecting a piece of glass that would, in itself exactly fit the need without any retouching.  

As a child born into this congregation this window was always very special to me. My family always sat in a pew across the sanctuary, near the front right corner. It was a very interesting viewpoint for many reasons. Among other things, I had a life-long memory of the early morning view of the windows across from our seats, illuminated by the brilliant morning sun. At the time, I did not focus on the use of light in the windows, as I do today. 

The place where we sat was not the front row at that time. Significant improvement to our facility in later years caused us to remove several of the front rows. In the old version, as in the Marietta Street location, the center isle did not go all the way to the front of the church. Besides being a complication for brides, another interesting event surrounds this configuration.  

In 1969, in the midst of the growth of civil rights activism, a group of protestors showed up in our sanctuary. After presenting themselves at the rear of the church they marched down the center isle. Not to be deterred, they climbed over the pews. Dr. Fifield, later describing himself as having shaking knees, maintained his composure, allowed them to read their statement, reminded them we were in the midst of a service, and invited them to join in the service.



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