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Sermons in Stained Glass

Other FPC documents

We have a collection of booklets which contain information about the formation of our congregation in 1848,other windows, and other features within the sanctuary.

History - 1847 Thru 1919 - Booklet One, covers the history of our congregation from it’s founding until the move to the present location.

Lives of Our Founders tells about the founders.

An Imaginary Trip describes the trip by Rev. Wilson to Atlanta the day he came to meet with the founders to sign the founding document.

The remaining booklets describe other stained glass windows in the church, and give more detail about the process of creation and installation. There is also a set of appendices which include further detail.

The Wirth Sermon Series is a series of sermons which use the sanctuary windows as their theme, They were presented in 1995 by Dr. George Wirth who became our Pastor in 1990 and retires in 2013. His service is the longest of any pastor in the position of senior Pastor.

The documents are available through the links below. Some of these documents are available in printed form at the church. Some documents are in complete booklet form. Some are information sheets. All documents are in pdf format and are "searchable".

For documents not yet available here, contact Bill Lyons at



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Windows and Sanctuary Related

Sermons in Stained Glass - Booklet Two
  Plan and Design - Booklet Three
  Installation - Booklet Four
History Windows - Elements & Counting - Booklet Five
Organs, Crosses, Stone of Ephesus, Sanctuary, Handbook, Floor Plans, Gardens, Tiffany Cartoons - Booklet Six
  Other Factors - Booklet Seven - need to rebuild
  Correspondence with Artists - Booklet Nine - need to build
Appendices - Booklet Ten
  Appendix H, Inscriptions, selected from Appendices
Winship Chapel 
Wirth Sermon Series




Viewing the History Windows

Other Documents


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